Koptische Gemeinde Berlin

Coptic Christmas

On occation of the Coptic Christmas celebrations a festive Christmas service took place in our Coptic- Orthodox Chuch in Berlin Lichtenberg on 6th January 2020.

Visit of head of the Syrian-

Orthodox Church, global

On Saturday, 17th August Your Holiness Mor Moran Ignatius Aphrem II. visited our Coptic-Orthodox Church in Berlin-Lichtenberg.

Coptic Calender

The coptic Caleder is based on the ancient Egypian calender. It existed since the time or the Roman Emperor Diokletian (29th August 284 - beginning of the first year of the Diokletian‘s reign). Naming of the months was done by the ancient Egyptians after their gods. Important dates of the coptic calender.
Current & Deadlines


07th January 2020 Nativity/ Christmas 19. Januar 2020 Service: 09:00 - 11:00 am and Feast Epiphany: 17:00 - 21:00 with consecrated water 20th January 2020 Babtism of Christ/ Epiphany 11th February 2020 Begin of Ninive fasting time 24th February 2020 Begin of Easter Fasting time