Koptische Gemeinde Berlin

Memory of victims

We commemorate the victims of the terrorist attack of 2nd November 2018 in the Egyptian province Al-Minya. Radical Islamists bombarded a pilgrim bus that was on the way to a monastery in the province Al-Minya. Seven people were killed and another 14 were seriously injured. Services were held in memory of the victims. The church also collects donations for the survivors of the victims.

Coptic Easter month

At 04th March the Easter fasting starts which takes 55 days. It ends on 28th April 2019 when we celebrate the Coptic Easter. During the entire time we completely renounce any kind of animal aliments (eggs, milk, dairy products and meat).


18th January 2019 Greatings feast Service: 05:00 pm Ebefana Service: 10:00 pm 19th January 2019 Coptic baptism of Jesu 29th January 2019 Day of St. Mary 30th January 2019 Day of St. Anthony Service: 9:00 am 18th February 2019 Begin Jonah feast 21st February 2019 Feast of Jonah (End of Jonah feast) 04th March 2019 Begin of Coptic Easter
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