Koptische Gemeinde Berlin

Restauration of the church building

The coptic community has set itself the task to restoring the former Protestant Glaubenskirche.

Support wanted

A restauration of a church is very expensive. The coptic community finances itself through donations only. It has no regular income. These funds have to be used to finance all regular expenditure. The costs for the restauration of the church must be applied separately. That‘s why the Coptic community needs your support. Donations of any amount are welcome. Gladly also object related. The church is leading a donation list that you can register for. Please send an email with your name, donation and desired object (if desired) to the following email address: ramsesberlin@aol.com The list will be published in due courses. Donations for the restauration of the former Glaubenskirche can be transferred to the following account stating your desired object:
Costs for the restauroation of the church  Total costs:         Heating:  	     235.000 EUR  Church clock1 dial inclusive hand: 4 dials:               		 clockwork:                             		Bell tower Mounting of the bells: big bell: small bell: Window nave: 1 side window:                     8.000 EUR Candelabrum candelabrum, big: candelabrum, small: Organ Organ opus: Organ fundament, wood: Koptisch Othodoxe Gemeinde e.V. IBAN:  DE11 1007 0848 0655 1220 00 BIC:  DEUTDEDB110 Deutsche Bank